July 12, 2004

In walks Elliot Ness

Sometimes on Sunday, when it's raining or an important game is on the TV, I head over to the gun range to have a beer, eat a sausage sandwich and hang out. It's a nice bar. It's quiet and limited mostly to members of the club. Every Sunday they feature different menu items. Sometimes it's a sandwich, sometimes it's clams. Bottles of Yuengling are a buck as are all cans and bottles.

The trouble is, this bar is a speakeasy. They have no liquor license. If you know anything about Pennsylvania you'll know the Liquor Control Board doesn't stand for that.

Well, after 54 years of operating under the radar as a speakeasy, the gun club was raided last night.

The State Cops came barging in and made everyone leave. They confiscated the beer and the money and fined the bartenders $1,000 each.

I'm just glad they didn't come in when they had poker tables set up. That would have been really bad.

Now I know they broke the law, but it's a stupid law. The reason they didn't have a liquor license is because there were no liquor licenses to buy. The LCB is ironfisted in how they regulate liquor licenses. Some of their laws are draconion and stupid. Plus they are expensive. Very expensive.

The board of directors at the LCB are mostly a bunch of tea-toatlers who really don't like liquor and beer sales, but know it's great tax revenue. So just like cigarettes, they keep it around for the revenue but make it hard for stores to sell it; so much so that many bars which have been around for years and years are just closing up rather than put up with the LCB.

This is so much typical of the hypocrisy of many governments, especially Pennsylvania. They are against drunkeness, but promote buying alcohol in their state owned liquor stores. In Pennsylvania you can't gamble, but they promote their lottery. Cigarettes are horrible if you listen to them, but will never outlaw them entirely because of the needed tax revenue.

Posted by TomCat at July 12, 2004 09:22 AM

Liquor stores are state-owned in New Hampshire, as well. Until now I thought it was the only one. I wonder how wide-spread that is.

I'm wondering if State ownership of any commerce is in and of itself unConstitutional. I mean, it not only puts government in control of commerce, but, by definition, creates a monopoly.

In fact, I'm willing to state right now that Pennsyvania and New Hampshire are engaging in a subversion of the Constitution. I haven't given it much thought before, but right now I'm ready to lodge a class action suit against those governments. Only, I don't live in either State.

Tom, it's up to you, man. Find a way to get those laws stricken and the legislators who wrote them behind bars!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at July 17, 2004 08:21 PM

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