December 19, 2003

When Trans-nationals Conspire

"For the tranzis, the problem of rogue or abusive governments is not that such governments are too powerful and/or insufficiently accountable to their own citizen/subjects. After all, the source of legitimacy for this lot is not the consent of the governed; rather legitimacy can apparently only be conferred from above. Thus, the creation, from whole cloth, of international institutions such as the UN or International Criminal Court, so that there is a higher, transnational, authority to judge and confer legitimacy on the doings of national governments."

"Of course, being made answerable to the "international community" (read: other governments) comes at the cost of being accountable to your own citizenry. This is the reason that the whole tranzi project is fundamentally corrupt, and corrupting. In my book, consent of the governed is the only source of legitimacy. Period. Discussion over. Turn out the lights as you leave. The tranzi project is corrosive of the consent of the governed, because it substitutes the consent of other governments for the consent of the governed."
Robert Clayton Dean at Samizdata.

Posted by Noel at December 19, 2003 07:23 PM

I believe an awaking is happening now. There are more and more people realizing that this "freedom" we have is merely a facade..crumbling one in fact!! Continue to enlighten..

Posted by: 5150smurf at January 31, 2004 06:57 AM
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